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Lesson plan for the film
Fire - Energy

Overall Objective
Students will learn about conventional and alternate energy resources and gain the tools to evaluate their own use of energy. These lessons involve creative writing, art and social studies.

Grade level
Advanced 9–12 and beyond. This unit can be adapted to younger grades and different courses of study in various Canadian provinces and territories.

Content Areas
Social Studies
Language Arts
Computer Literacy

Materials Required
Access to a computer lab, Internet connection, data projector, flip chart paper or whiteboard, writing paper, art supplies of your choice, writing paper, poster boards. An Internet connection or availability of up-to-date information on energy sources is necessary.    

These lessons encourage learners to look at their own energy consumption and to explore the dilemma of dwindling resources, the cost of such resources and the environmental impact of the exploration and development these energy resources. Students are to conduct research, create a poster, write and deliver a persuasive essay on an alternative energy supply.

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Excerpt or film related to this lesson plan
Fire - Energy
Film  (21:33)
Film related to this lesson plan
Fire - Energy
Film  (21:33)