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Lesson plan for the film
Where the Bay Becomes the Sea

Overall Objective
This lesson will help students understand the environmental importance of the Bay of Fundy and the threats to its sustainability. Using this example, they will investigate, research and raise awareness about an environmental issue in their community.

Grade levels
Advanced 9–12 and beyond. This unit can be adapted to younger grades and different courses of study in various Canadian provinces and territories.

Content Areas
Language Arts
Information Technology

Materials Required
Geographic maps of New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy, Internet connection, local newspapers, Microsoft PowerPoint software or other presentation software, LCD projector

The richness, complexity and fragility of marine life unfold like a Persian carpet in this beautiful film. The bay of the title is the Bay of Fundy, and where it meets the sea a unique ecosystem has developed. The film traces the intricate interrelationships within the food chain, from tiny plankton, through birds and seals, and finally to whales and humans. More than just a visual feast, the film is a plea for careful management of our ocean resources. First telecast as part of the Nature of Things series.

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Excerpt or film related to this lesson plan
Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
Film  (29:27)
Film related to this lesson plan
Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
Film  (29:27)