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Lesson plan for the film
Worst Case Scenario

Overall Objective
Students will acquire and evaluate information about the environmental impact of oil and gas mining in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  Students will reflect on the role of citizen participation in environmental controversy and the effect of events like these on their own lives.

Grade level
Advanced 9–12 and beyond. This unit can be adapted to younger grades and different courses of study in various Canadian provinces and territories.

Content Areas
Environmental Studies
Language Arts
Media Literacy
Social Action

Materials Required
Internet access
Desktop publishing software
Place to post a Web site or Wiki, according to the information and communications technology (ICT) access policy and acceptable use policy of your school
Graphic organizer or flowchart software such as Inspiration or Visio
Wiki creation software such as WIKIDOT.com (open source)
Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel
Digital still camera
Digital video camera

The environmental impact of oil and gas exploration is viewed through a film about hearings on Shell’s activities in Alberta.  Through activities such as a class wiki, the creation of PSAs, and analysis of industry arguments, students deepen their understanding of the complexity of these events.  They have an opportunity to assess the effect of energy exploration on their own lives and reconsider the impact of their own lifestyle.

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