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Film (55:45)
The Great Buffalo Saga
1985, production : Michael McKennirey
By the late 1800s the free-ranging buffalo that for...
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Film (29:27)
Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
1985, production : John Brett
The richness, complexity and fragility of marine life unfold...
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Film (49:30)
Death of a Legend
1971, production : Bill Mason
The wolf is yet another species threatened by man and his...
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Film (15:47)
1971, production : William Pettigrew
From a glimpse of the beautiful planet we inhabit, as seen...
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Film (9:39)
Small Smoke at Blaze Creek
1971, production : Michael Scott
Forest fire in mountainous British Columbia, as experienced...
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Film (50:35)
1970, production : Michael McKennirey
Ten million buffalo once roamed the plains of North America....
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Film (27:48)
The Enduring Wilderness
A scenic tour of Canada's national parks, from the mountains...
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Film (25:00)
Chemical Conquest
1956, production : Larry Gosnell
A film report on how chemical research is on the side of the...
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The Great Buffalo Saga



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Film  (55:45) 1985, production : Michael McKennirey
By the late 1800s the free-ranging buffalo that for thousands of years had dominated the western plains of North America were all but extinct, losers to the settlers in the competition for space. This film, intercut with interviews, eye-witness accounts, archival photos and live action, is the story of the buffalo's revival. Combining adventure and intrigue, The Great Buffalo Saga documents our fascination with and manipulation of this ancient and legendary animal that has withstood ice ages, roundups, disease and near annihilation.

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