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Film title
Film (18:52)
Plea for the Wanderer
1975, production : Jean Coutu
From river to sea, and back to river again, this film...
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Film (20:00)
Another Side of the Forest
1974, production : Raoul Fox, Strowan Robertson
The Canadian forest with science on its side--a fascinating...
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Film (24:22)
Freshwater World
1974, production : Giles Walker
What are the processes that can change a clean, balanced...
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Film (49:25)
In Search of the Bowhead Whale
1974, production : Bill Mason
An adventure film of a whaling expedition that included...
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Film (26:27)
Oceans of Science
1974, production : Bané Jovanovic, Douglas Kiefer, Jean-Pierre Lachapelle
Shows what fisheries science is doing, both afloat and...
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Film (28:30)
Tomorrow Is Too Late
1974, production : Bané Jovanovic, Douglas Kiefer, Don Virgo
A film about Canadian fisheries and what fishermen and...
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Film (13:07)
Caribou of Northern Canada
A study of the Barren Ground caribou of Canada's vast...
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Film (49:30)
Death of a Legend
1971, production : Bill Mason
The wolf is yet another species threatened by man and his...
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Plea for the Wanderer



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Film  (18:52) 1975, production : Jean Coutu
From river to sea, and back to river again, this film follows the arduous life cycles of east- and west-coast salmon, revealing both the perils of nature and the threats posed by man. Vivid close-ups capture exciting moments when the salmon hatch, jump rapids, and perform their intricate spawning ritual. Other footage examines the Canadian government's programs to protect the salmon runs. The film makes it clear that the continuation of indiscriminate high-seas salmon fishing could prove fatal to one of the world's most important food and industrial resources.

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