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Issues at Stake
Explore some of the major environmental issues that Canadian society must face. Witness the dangers threatening human health and the plants and animals around us. See the damage caused by pollution to forests, water and the climate. Find out what is being done to understand and protect nature. Examine the exploitation of the country's natural resources and energy consumption.
Pollution and Climate ChangePollution and Climate ChangePollution and Climate ChangePollution and Climate Change
This sub-section examines the effects of air pollution on forests and of greenhouse gases on climate, the danger of insecticides for birds and human health, and the pollutants in our rivers.

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Ecosystems and ConservationEcosystems and ConservationEcosystems and ConservationEcosystems and Conservation
This sub-section turns to marine, forest and desert ecosystems. It looks at ways of protecting mammals, insects and birds.

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Natural ResourcesNatural ResourcesNatural ResourcesNatural Resources
This sub-section looks at management of forests, water and fossil fuels and exploitation of forests, mines and salmon. It also considers energy consumption.

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