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Ecosystems and Conservation
This sub-section turns to marine, forest and desert ecosystems. It looks at ways of protecting mammals, insects and birds.
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Caribou in the Sub-Arctic
1964, production : Dalton Muir
The main factors leading to caribou declines are: habitat...
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Laurentian International Sled Dog Race, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, 1950
1950, production : Harry Foster
Under favourable environmental conditions, towns in Quebec’s...
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A National Film Board of Canada Crew and Polar Bear, Nunavut

As a polar bear walks on the mudflats of Hudson Bay and...
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A Dogsled in the St. Elias Mountain Range, Yukon

Issued by Canada Post for its Flag series, this postage...
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Did you know?
The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline was first proposed in the early 1970s to transport natural gas from the Beaufort Sea into northern Alberta. The project was halted and then resurrected in 2004 along with concerns over the impact on the sensitive Arctic tundra, home to woodland caribou and grizzly bear.

National Energy Board of Canada. "Probabilistic Estimates of Hydrocarbon Volumes in the Mackenzie Delta and Beaufort Sea Discoveries" ISBN 0-662-27455-5, 1998. Calgary, Alberta.