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Ecosystems and Conservation
This sub-section turns to marine, forest and desert ecosystems. It looks at ways of protecting mammals, insects and birds.
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Excerpt (3:34)
Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
1985, production : John Brett
Tidal ecosystems are unique environments where the...
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Excerpt (1:11)
From Ashes to Forest
1984, production : Tony Ianzelo
The Jack pine is a fire-dependent species. Its cones release...
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Excerpt (1:18)
Forest Under Siege
Insects can have either a direct or indirect role in the...
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Excerpt (1:10)
Plea for the Wanderer
1975, production : Jean Coutu
Salmon, one of the few fish that migrate between fresh and...
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Plea for the Wanderer
Excerpt  (1:10) 1975, production : Jean Coutu
The film
Salmon, one of the few fish that migrate between fresh and salt water, generally return to their original rivers to spawn. But industrialization has disrupted the ecological balance of these water systems. This 1975 film issues a warning about the salmon's survival. Recent studies indicate that commercial salmon farming also poses a serious threat to wild salmon.

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From river to sea, and back to river again, this film follows the arduous life cycles of east- and west-coast salmon, revealing both the perils of nature and the threats posed by man. Vivid close-ups capture exciting moments when the salmon hatch, jump rapids, and perform their intricate spawning ritual. Other footage examines the Canadian government's programs to protect the salmon runs. The film makes it clear that the continuation of indiscriminate high-seas salmon fishing could prove fatal to one of the world's most important food and industrial resources.
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