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Ecosystems and Conservation
This sub-section turns to marine, forest and desert ecosystems. It looks at ways of protecting mammals, insects and birds.
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Excerpt (3:34)
Where the Bay Becomes the Sea
1985, production : John Brett
Tidal ecosystems are unique environments where the...
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Excerpt (1:11)
From Ashes to Forest
1984, production : Tony Ianzelo
The Jack pine is a fire-dependent species. Its cones release...
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Excerpt (1:18)
Forest Under Siege
Insects can have either a direct or indirect role in the...
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Excerpt (1:10)
Plea for the Wanderer
1975, production : Jean Coutu
Salmon, one of the few fish that migrate between fresh and...
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Forest Under Siege
Excerpt  (1:18) 1977, production :
The film
Insects can have either a direct or indirect role in the damage to forest ecosystems. This excerpt shows how insect infestations can be averted through biological control. Care is needed to ensure that its use does not cause unwanted results.

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Two million six hundred square kilometers of forest are the feeding-grounds of armies of insects. This film shows the devastation, its causes, and the many ways in which the Canadian Forestry Service, with the help of the provincial governments, is fighting this vast attack.
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