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Natural Resources
This sub-section looks at management of forests, water and fossil fuels and exploitation of forests, mines and salmon. It also considers energy consumption.
Excerpt (1:46)
Battle for the Trees
1993, production : John Edginton
Two different viewpoints on reforestation following a clear...
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Excerpt (2:13)
The Forest in Crisis
1981, production : Susan Murgatroyd
The practice of clear-cutting has evolved over time with...
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Excerpt (2:07)
Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements
1976, production : Bruce Mackay
Solar panels are commonly used to respond to energy demands...
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Excerpt (2:12)
The Great Clean-up
1976, production : James Carney
The five Great Lakes are the world's largest source of fresh...
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Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements
Excerpt  (2:07) 1976, production : Bruce Mackay
The film
Solar panels are commonly used to respond to energy demands in homes and other buildings. This excerpt shows a 1970s' attempt to build a house where solar energy will provide for heating year round, thereby minimizing environmental impacts.

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A look at innovative housing and community design in response to the Canadian environment and the need to conserve energy sources. Two planned mining towns--Fermont, Québec, and Leaf Rapids, Manitoba--are examined, as well as solar-heated homes in Ontario and Prince Edward Island.
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