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Natural Resources
This sub-section looks at management of forests, water and fossil fuels and exploitation of forests, mines and salmon. It also considers energy consumption.
Excerpt (1:46)
Battle for the Trees
1993, production : John Edginton
Two different viewpoints on reforestation following a clear...
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Excerpt (2:13)
The Forest in Crisis
1981, production : Susan Murgatroyd
The practice of clear-cutting has evolved over time with...
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Excerpt (2:07)
Design Innovations for Canadian Settlements
1976, production : Bruce Mackay
Solar panels are commonly used to respond to energy demands...
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Excerpt (2:12)
The Great Clean-up
1976, production : James Carney
The five Great Lakes are the world's largest source of fresh...
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The Forest in Crisis
Excerpt  (2:13) 1981, production : Susan Murgatroyd
The film
The practice of clear-cutting has evolved over time with improvements made, particularly, in terms of the scale of projects. This excerpt describes the motivating factors for clear- cutting and the negative results brought by its use on the boreal forest of northern Ontario.

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This film dispels the myth that Canada has an inexhaustable supply of usable wood. It documents the use and misuse of forest resources in northern Ontario, and the efforts of government and industry to find better ways to grow a second forest. However, the problem is not just a northern one. The crisis threatens the forest industry, creator of one out of ten Canadian jobs.
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