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Natural Resources
This sub-section looks at management of forests, water and fossil fuels and exploitation of forests, mines and salmon. It also considers energy consumption.
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Excerpt (1:10)
Plea for the Wanderer
1975, production : Jean Coutu
Humans are responsible for a decline in wild Atlantic...
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Excerpt (2:49)
That's the Price
1970, production : Michael Scott
Coal helped Canada develop and attain the standard of living...
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That's the Price
Excerpt  (2:49) 1970, production : Michael Scott
The film
Coal helped Canada develop and attain the standard of living it currently enjoys. The stakeholders and operations involved in the coal industry are presented in this excerpt, including multinational companies, long term contracts, and large, efficient machinery that descend on a small town in south eastern British Columbia.

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Two points of view concerning what the infusion of industrial capital meant to two dying coal towns in southeastern British Columbia. The film shows what happened when an American corporation came to the twin towns of Natal and Michel with a contract for millions of tons of coking coal for the steel mills of Japan. From what is seen and said in this film, industrial growth has its price, especially with regard to the ecology of the region.
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