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Excerpt (1:45)
Windbreaks on the Prairies
1943, production : Evelyn Cherry
The rapid transformation of the prairie environment by...
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Excerpt (2:59)
Timber Front
1940, production : Frank Badgley
A look at forest preservation from a strictly economic point...
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Windbreaks on the Prairies
Excerpt  (1:45) 1943, production : Evelyn Cherry
The film
The rapid transformation of the prairie environment by European homesteaders into wheat monoculture contributed to the great "dust bowl" of the 1930s. The environment is presented here in utilitarian language - its value measured in terms of utility and economic worth. Notably absent is any mention of Indigenous populations who inhabited the Prairies prior to European settlement.

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Prairie farmers often ruthlessly cut down the few trees that stood in the paths of their plows. Too late, it was realized that without these windbreaks the top soil became even more vulnerable to erosion. The Dominion Department of Agriculture experimental station at Indian Head, Saskatchewan, cultivated acres of young trees for distribution to farmers.