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Excerpt (1:26)
1968, production : Werner Aellen
We must protect our forests, this film tells us, because...
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Excerpt  (1:26) 1968, production : Werner Aellen
The film
We must protect our forests, this film tells us, because they provide us with primary resources and are popular with vacationers. Images shot from a plane in flight, with an employee of the Ministry of Fisheries and Forestry on board, serve to drive home the message that foresters are effectively watching over and guarding the forest.

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There has been greater progress in the science of forestry during the past several decades than in any previous time, and it is the practitioner of the trade, the professional forester, whose day-to-day work is most responsible for making effective the discoveries, experiments and research carried on at forestry stations across Canada. This film shows both the modern technology of the timberlands and the role of the forester in the preservation and regeneration of this great natural resource.