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Excerpt (3:40)
Poisons, Pests and People
1960, production : Larry Gosnell
Images of dead and dying animals, combined with dramatic...
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Excerpt (1:46)
Chemical Conquest
1956, production : Larry Gosnell
This 1956 film reports on Canadian government research into...
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Poisons, Pests and People
Excerpt  (3:40) 1960, production : Larry Gosnell
The film
Images of dead and dying animals, combined with dramatic music, demonstrate the potential dangers of insecticides. We cut to images of people suffering from malaria - a reminder that insects carry dangerous diseases, and that we must fight them. This sequence - which was not included in the original script - is designed to persuade the viewer that insecticides are a necessary evil.

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Produced in 1960, this still timely two-part film examines the effects of widespread chemical insecticide use, both on the insect population and on warm-blooded creatures, including humans. Part 1 looks at the ravages of insects and the centuries-old struggle to control them. Part 2 shows experiments being conducted to find ways of controlling specific insects, while leaving harmless ones unaffected.