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Excerpt (2:19)
Death of a Legend
1971, production : Bill Mason
The wolf was often vilified in literature and popular...
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Death of a Legend
Excerpt  (2:19) 1971, production : Bill Mason
The film
The wolf was often vilified in literature and popular culture, as illustrated in this series of images from movies and fairytales. Comments from hunters and farmers demonstrate what was once widespread hatred and fear of the animal. In this 1971 film from the Canadian Wildlife Service, naturalist Bill Mason counters these views. Canada's Endangered Species Act helped protect its endangered wolf population.

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The wolf is yet another species threatened by man and his technology, largely because of unfounded myths that have grown up around it. This film by Bill Mason disproves many of the fallacies. Studies by wildlife biologists reveal that the wolf helps maintain the balance of nature. The film contains some exceptional footage showing the wolf's life cycle and the social organization of the pack, as well as views of other wilderness animals: caribou, moose, deer, buffalo.