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Excerpt (1:46)
Chemical Conquest
1956, production : Larry Gosnell
This 1956 film reports on Canadian government research into...
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Chemical Conquest
Excerpt  (1:46) 1956, production : Larry Gosnell
The film
This 1956 film reports on Canadian government research into the use of chemicals in agriculture. Crop yields had doubled since 1945, leading to widespread confidence in the benefits of pesticides and herbicides. The use of chemicals was key to the development of agribusiness - large-scale industrial farming. Overuse of agricultural chemicals is now linked to disease and environmental damage.

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A film report on how chemical research is on the side of the farmer in battle against the plagues that threaten his crops. Insects, plant diseases and weeds come under close scrutiny as scientists develop new formulas to check the invasions to which field and garden crops are subject. The film shows laboratory experiments at a government research station and examines the questions that still need to be answered about the ultimate effects of toxic substances on food-producing soil.