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Excerpt (2:59)
Timber Front
1940, production : Frank Badgley
A look at forest preservation from a strictly economic point...
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Timber Front
Excerpt  (2:59) 1940, production : Frank Badgley
The film
A look at forest preservation from a strictly economic point of view. Canada must preserve its forests because they provide a major source of income from tourism, regulate the flow of waterways that power hydro-electric plants, and supply timber. Despite the war, the nation must not compromise its forest protection program, to ensure a sufficient wood supply for the future.

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This film gives an account of the importance of Canada's forests in the national war effort and stresses also the vital part they will play in the reconstructive social planning which will follow. The reckless exploitation of forests in bygone days is contrasted with the care and foresight devoted to the woodlands today, and every citizen is shown how he can assist in the conservation of those forest resources which form so great a part of Canada's wealth.