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Excerpt (4:00)
The Great Buffalo Saga
1985, production : Michael McKennirey
While conservationists worked to replenish Canada's wild...
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The Great Buffalo Saga
Excerpt  (4:00) 1985, production : Michael McKennirey
The film
While conservationists worked to replenish Canada's wild bison herds decimated by overhunting in the 19th century, ranchers explored the commercial prospects of raising bison. Government-funded experiments in crossbreeding bison with cattle met with only limited success, but almost 200,000 bison are now being raised for meat on commercial ranches in Canada.

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By the late 1800s the free-ranging buffalo that for thousands of years had dominated the western plains of North America were all but extinct, losers to the settlers in the competition for space. This film, intercut with interviews, eye-witness accounts, archival photos and live action, is the story of the buffalo's revival. Combining adventure and intrigue, The Great Buffalo Saga documents our fascination with and manipulation of this ancient and legendary animal that has withstood ice ages, roundups, disease and near annihilation.