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Excerpt (2:27)
High Arctic: Life on the Land
1958, production : Dalton Muir
This 1958 film on the High Arctic uses the term "ecology" to...
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High Arctic: Life on the Land
Excerpt  (2:27) 1958, production : Dalton Muir
The film
This 1958 film on the High Arctic uses the term "ecology" to refer to the complex web of inter-connected natural relationships present within a given ecosystem. The word is now in general usage, reflecting our growing concern with the environment, and the prefix "eco" appears with increasing frequency throughout our language.

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An ecological study, in full colour, of plant and animal life on the Queen Elizabeth Islands in the Canadian Arctic, and of the life cycles that are the law of nature even in these frozen wastelands. Animals such as the musk-ox, lemming and arctic hare, and various forms of plant life, are seen as part of an evolution that began in pre-history.