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Excerpt (2:59)
Beaver People
This 1928 silent film features Grey Owl, a curious figure in...
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Beaver People
Excerpt  (2:59) 1928, production :
The film
This 1928 silent film features Grey Owl, a curious figure in the 20th century conservation movement. Born in England, Archibald Belaney assumed a false identity as a Native trapper after settling in Canada, where he worked as a naturalist for the Dominion Parks Service. Through writings and public appearances, he became a celebrity spokesman for wilderness conservation.

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The beaver, once almost exterminated, finds a home and safety in Canada's national parks. He also discovers that man can be his friend. Grey Owl, the famous naturalist, had a special talent for making friends with the beaver. Scenes show the beaver coming Grey Owl calls, climbing into his canoe, accepting food. Wrestling is the beaver's favourite sport, and one of Grey Owl's friends becomes so fearless that it even enjoys wrestling with a human being.