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Film (21:33)
Fire - Energy
2000, production : Michel Barbeau
Fire features Canada's rich energy resources--natural...
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Fire - Energy
Film  (21:33) 2000, production : Michel Barbeau
Fire features Canada's rich energy resources--natural wealth that provides its people with a standard of living that is the envy of nations around the world. Wind, water, sun, oil, uranium and natural gas are transformed into fuel for cars, heat for homes and power for appliances. In fact, Canadians are among the biggest consumers of energy on the planet. Despite vast reserves of oil and water, and a relatively small population, Canadians are beginning to realize that their quality of life also depends on the quality of the environment. TRANSIT features five videos that examine Canada's rich and diverse geography. Each film in the series combines spectacular cinematography and lively animation, using the Earth's basic elements as themes: Air explores climate; Water showcases the country's network of rivers, lakes and oceans; Land looks at the vast territory that makes Canada the second largest country in the world; Fire documents old and new sources of energy; plus Life, which develops the themes of people, fauna and flora.

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