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This sub-section looks at the role and responsibility of the federal and some provincial governments. It presents the research, analysis and monitoring done by various federal and provincial departments.
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For Future Generations
1985, production : Boyce Richardson
As Canada expanded its national park system in the 1980s,...
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Excerpt (3:23)
From Ashes to Forest
1984, production : Tony Ianzelo
The staff at Banff National Park undertakes a program of...
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Excerpt (3:20)
The Great Clean-up
1976, production : James Carney
The 1972 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement committed...
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Excerpt (2:16)
Histoire de pêche
1975, production : Jean Chabot
Foreign-owned industry tends to overlook local environmental...
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The Great Clean-up
Excerpt  (3:20) 1976, production : James Carney
The film
The 1972 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement committed Canada and the U.S. to cleaning and protecting the world's largest freshwater system. Public hearings-attended by scientists, industry and concerned citizens-paved the way for the agreement. Its implementation is overseen by the International Joint Commission, established in 1909 with the aim of handling water disputes between the two countries.

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This film is about the Great Lakes, how they were polluted and how they are being cleaned up. To tidy up the biggest body of fresh water in the world is a massive operation. The Great Clean-up documents some of the elements of this operation, including changes to legislation affecting the emission of industrial pollutants into the environment, on both sides of the Canada/US. border. The film's images speak very strongly for the importance of saving the Great Lakes from further pollution.
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