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This sub-section looks at the role and responsibility of the federal and some provincial governments. It presents the research, analysis and monitoring done by various federal and provincial departments.
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Excerpt (2:17)
Freshwater World
1974, production : Giles Walker
Phosphates from detergents and nitrates from fertilizers...
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Excerpt (3:07)
Tomorrow Is Too Late
1974, production : Bané Jovanovic, Douglas Kiefer, Don Virgo
Federal fisheries officers monitor the Atlantic lobster...
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Excerpt (1:10)
1970, production : Michael McKennirey
North American bison once numbered in the millions but were...
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Tomorrow Is Too Late
Excerpt  (3:07) 1974, production : Bané Jovanovic, Douglas Kiefer, Don Virgo
The film
Federal fisheries officers monitor the Atlantic lobster harvest in the 1970s. Later, in the early 1990s, similar government measures failed to prevent the catastrophic collapse of the cod fishery, an activity that sustained a unique rural culture for generations. Once one of the world's richest fishing grounds, the waters off Canada's east coast attract numerous international fleets.

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A film about Canadian fisheries and what fishermen and fisheries officers, with the aid of science, are doing to ensure that Canada's fishing industry continues as a flourishing resource. The film shows that some species of fish are already badly depleted, but that conservation and scientific management of fishing grounds, fresh or salt water, can maintain the balance. Cooperation is the watchword, and the film illustrates that it works.
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