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This sub-section looks at the role and responsibility of the federal and some provincial governments. It presents the research, analysis and monitoring done by various federal and provincial departments.
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Excerpt (2:17)
Freshwater World
1974, production : Giles Walker
Phosphates from detergents and nitrates from fertilizers...
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Excerpt (3:07)
Tomorrow Is Too Late
1974, production : Bané Jovanovic, Douglas Kiefer, Don Virgo
Federal fisheries officers monitor the Atlantic lobster...
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Excerpt (1:10)
1970, production : Michael McKennirey
North American bison once numbered in the millions but were...
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Excerpt  (1:10) 1970, production : Michael McKennirey
The film
North American bison once numbered in the millions but were hunted to near extinction. In 1922 Canada took measures to protect a small herd of wood bison, a subspecies, creating Wood Buffalo National Park. Part of that herd is seen here in 1970, undergoing vaccination by park staff. Almost 200,000 bison are now being raised on Canadian farms.

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Ten million buffalo once roamed the plains of North America. Today, only a few carefully protected herds remain. The carrier pigeon, the whooping crane, the flightless great auk of the Atlantic seaboard, and other species have all fallen prey to the greatest predator, man. This film shows efforts being made by wildlife specialists to preserve and nurture the creatures that do remain in our wilderness areas. Scenes rarely photographed make this a spellbinding film throughout.
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