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Individuals as Citizens and Consumers
This sub-section examines the damage caused by over-consumption, looks at citizens' responsibility and suggests some ways of protecting the environment.
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Excerpt (1:11)
An Ecology of Hope
Environmental action can take many forms - public and...
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Excerpt (2:06)
Le Mont Rigaud : une colline chez les hommes
2000, production : André Desrochers
Hunters often share conservation ethics with...
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Excerpt (2:19)
Journey of the Blob/Voyage sans fin
1989, production : Bill Maylone
Waste disposal is brought into question when a boy creates a...
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Excerpt (1:40)
Class Project: The Garbage Movie
1980, production : Martin Defalco
Students attending high school in 1980 learn about...
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An Ecology of Hope
Excerpt  (1:11) 2001, production :
Environmental action can take many forms - public and political, as well as private and personal. Brazilian architect/ecologist Mauricio Andres Ribeiro suggests adopting the Buddhist idea of non-harm. Just as we should behave in ways that avoid causing harm to others, we should try to live in a manner that avoids harming the environment.

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