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Individuals as Citizens and Consumers
This sub-section examines the damage caused by over-consumption, looks at citizens' responsibility and suggests some ways of protecting the environment.
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Excerpt (1:14)
Class Project: The Garbage Movie
1980, production : Martin Defalco
Over half of household garbage is food packaging. This is...
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Excerpt (1:38)
Histoire de pêche
1975, production : Jean Chabot
Governments tend to follow, not lead, when it comes to...
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Class Project: The Garbage Movie
Excerpt  (1:14) 1980, production : Martin Defalco
The film
Over half of household garbage is food packaging. This is the finding of Montreal students in 1980. Since then many North American communities have started recycling programs, but our industrial food system - how we produce and market what we eat - still creates huge waste and damages the environment. Eating local produce and avoiding packaged items can help.

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A group of pupils, aged eight to thirteen, embark on a school project to find out all they can about garbage, its composition, its disposal and the impact of its disposal on the environment. The places they visit tell us a lot about the society we live in and about ecology, cities, art and history. Most important of all, the students learn that what we do today has an impact on what happens tomorrow.
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