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Interest Groups and Activists
This sub-section examines the role and actions of citizen groups, researchers, environmentalists, activists, members of an Aboriginal community and an influential personality.
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Excerpt (2:32)
René Dumont: Global Ecologist
2001, production : Richard D. Lavoie
The French agronomist René Dumont helped put...
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Excerpt (2:38)
Worst Case Scenario
2001, production : Glynis Whiting
Local citizens unite in opposition to Shell Canada when it...
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Excerpt (1:51)
Pocket Desert - Confessions of a Snake Killer
1999, production : Craig Berggold, Teresa Marshall
A coalition of environmentalists, concerned citizens and...
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Excerpt (3:20)
The Barrens Quest
1997, production : Peter Blow
An environmental scientist opposes a proposal for a diamond...
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Pocket Desert - Confessions of a Snake Killer
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Excerpt  (1:51) 1999, production : Craig Berggold, Teresa Marshall
The film
A coalition of environmentalists, concerned citizens and First Nations representatives is trying to protect rattlesnakes and other threatened species in British Columbia's Pocket Desert, a unique and fragile eco-system that has largely been destroyed by agriculture. Overcoming her childhood fear of snakes, filmmaker Teresa Marshall is re-evaluating her relationship with her environment.

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Every outlaw needs an enemy, and for a young girl growing up on a ranch in the last corner of the Canadian wild west, the rattlesnake takes centre stage as the perfect demon for her childhood imagination. In the dry interior of British Columbia, the south Okanagan and Similkameen valleys form the scenic bio-region known as Canada's 'pocket desert'. As settlers' dreams of creating an agricultural Eden erase fragile desert lands that support a breathtaking array of wild species, the narrator and her snake-hunting neighbours are forced to examine their environmental attitudes. Superb wildlife cinematography and rare archival film clips combine with dramatic personal stories in this compelling documentary.
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