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The environment, a fruitful idea: a common stock, branches and complex ties

Has the thought of trees as a food source, of sap or fruit as lifeblood, occurred to you? Syrup, toffee and sugar from the maple, fruit from apple and cherry trees, nuts from hazel trees?

Perhaps the idea of trees conveys an image of the arts, woodworking and craftsmanship: the tree as the raw material for creating a fine sculpture or making a flute, a guitar, a piano, a tom-tom. Birch-bark can serve as paper for writing on. Did you picture a birch-bark canoe or a cedar dugout?

Did your thoughts branch out into the symbolic sphere or identifiers? The maple leaf, symbol of Canada, on the flag and the 1 cent coin, the beaver and log on the 5 cent coin. Can you picture the Tree of Life, the Tree of Jesse, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Your meditation may have led you out on a limb, leading to the history of the land: forests as opposed to single-crop farming, or cleared by the early colonists, or as the environment and ally of the Native peoples.

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