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The environment, a fruitful idea: a common stock, branches and complex ties

Perhaps you have conflicting feelings about social and environmental issues, for example the struggle between loggers and ecologists in places such as the Queen Charlotte Islands, or the fight to preserve urban green spaces.

Finally, have you considered the fertile relationship between trees and language? Allegories and metaphors from the plant world, trees and forests as a wealth of material enriching our language. Think of the family names that come from trees and woods: in English, Wood, Woodman, Forester, Greenwood, Plant, Roseberry; in French, Sylvain, Sylvie, Boisvert, Deschênes, Desnoyers, Desrosiers, Dessurreault, Dubois, Leforestier, Plante, Racine.

So much for trees! We could have used the same process for rocks, water, the air or animals to find examples of the range of approaches to the environment.

Like all concepts, the idea of the environment is subject to social changes and fashions. Sustainable development is a recent concept that attempts to combine environmental, social and economic concerns into a single vision of growth. It is sometimes asserted that sustainable development should not be limited solely to the question of the environment. However, the example of trees shows that it is just as important that attitudes to the environment should not be confined to the question of development.

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