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Many NFB documentaries celebrate the vision and innovation of Canadian artists. Others demonstrate how our pastimes reflect our cultural values.


Boy Meets Band

Boy Meets Band 1

Canadian Landscape

Canadian Landscape 1


Earthware 1


Kubota 1

Pen Point Percussion

Pen Point Percussion 1

Snow Dream

Snow Dream 1

Snow Dream 2

Snow Dream

1983, Director: Claude Grenier

      1 min 35 s


Questions 1. Is a work of art less meaningful if it only survives for a few hours?
2. How does the artistic use of film reflect the creative process of the sculptors?

3. What do particular camera movements and editing effects contribute to the effectiveness of both excerpts?

About This Film

Short Description

Near the edge of a vast frozen lake, Manitoba artist Réal Bérard and two friends slowly transform an immense block of snow into a beautiful snow sculpture.

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