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Many NFB documentaries celebrate the vision and innovation of Canadian artists. Others demonstrate how our pastimes reflect our cultural values.


Boy Meets Band

Boy Meets Band 1

Canadian Landscape

Canadian Landscape 1


Earthware 1


Kubota 1

Pen Point Percussion

Pen Point Percussion 1

Snow Dream

Snow Dream 1

Snow Dream 2


1975, Director: Rick Raxlen, Donald Winkler

      1 min 29 s


Questions 1. This excerpt focuses on hands in action, making pottery items. Why do you think the filmmaker chooses to take our attention away from faces and personalities?

2. Is the lack of any music or narration effective? Why?

About This Film

Short Description

This short, impressionistic film takes us to Nigeria, Japan, Mexico and India, where craftsmen work clay to produce ritual vessels and everyday objects.

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