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Canadian Landscape

1941, Director: Radford Crawley

      1 min 21 s


Questions 1. This documentary is highly narrated. It tells a lot about artist A.Y. Jackson's method. What does it teach you about the relation between the painting and the landscape that inspires it? What is the artist's role in interpreting the landscape?

2. What would you understand about what the artist is doing if you did not have the narration to tell you? You might try to play it without narration to see.

3. A.Y. Jackson was a colourful character with many stories about the history of Canadian art and interesting anecdotes about his own life. How else might a documentary about him and his painting have been made? Think of what you might have done to create a very different documentary of the same subject.

About This Film

Short Description

We accompany A.Y. Jackson on painting trips to the northern wilderness of Canada in autumn. He discusses his approach to his subject matter and shows some of his paintings.

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