Cultural Diversity

People from many national backgrounds meet in Canada. This gives us a remarkable cultural richness but sometimes creates problems in communication and coexistence.


Encounter at Kwacha House-Halifax

Encounter at Kwacha House-Halifax 1

Encounter at Kwacha House-Halifax 2

The Newcomers

The Newcomers 1

The Newcomers

1953, Director: David Bennett

      0 min 47 s


Questions 1. How does the excerpt reflect the social conditions of postwar Canada? Think about where the immigrants come from and the needs of the time.

2. This film serves some particular purposes. How would you describe the intentions of the filmmakers? Is the film a kind of propaganda for government programs?

3. What differences might such a movie about immigration have today?

About This Film

Short Description

Canada's post-war expansion is helped by immigrants from the British Isles and Europe, who see fresh opportunities to develop existing resources and who also arrive with specialized knowledge.

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