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The Back-breaking Leaf

The Back-breaking Leaf 1

Billy Crane Moves Away

Billy Crane Moves Away 1

Billy Crane Moves Away 2

Camera On Labour no. 4

Camera On Labour no. 4 1

Citizen Discussions

Citizen Discussions 1

Home Front

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Home Front 2

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic 1

Strike in Town

Strike in Town 1

The Back-breaking Leaf

1962, Director: Terence Macartney-Filgate

      1 min 29 s


Questions 1. The excerpt begins with a young boy riding off on his horse. Why has the film editor placed that scene before the introduction of the pickers?

2. How does the camera technique contribute to the film's treatment of transient labour and the hard work of tobacco picking?

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