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The Back-breaking Leaf

The Back-breaking Leaf 1

Billy Crane Moves Away

Billy Crane Moves Away 1

Billy Crane Moves Away 2

Camera On Labour no. 4

Camera On Labour no. 4 1

Citizen Discussions

Citizen Discussions 1

Home Front

Home Front 1

Home Front 2

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic 1

Strike in Town

Strike in Town 1

Camera On Labour no. 4

1956, Director: Alvin Goldman

      1 min 28 s


Questions 1. This film records a time before Medicare in Canada, when different plans looked after different groups. In this case, a labour union negotiated a healthcare agreement that included a modern clinic. What does the film reflect about the 1950s in Canada?

2. What is the film trying to tell us about the labour movement?

3. What evidence do you see that this film is carefully scripted and planned?

About This Film

Short Description

Two short films look at the Fashion Industries' Health Center in Montreal and an editor of a monthly union newspaper at the Stelco steel mill in Hamilton, Ontario.

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