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The Back-breaking Leaf

The Back-breaking Leaf 1

Billy Crane Moves Away

Billy Crane Moves Away 1

Billy Crane Moves Away 2

Camera On Labour no. 4

Camera On Labour no. 4 1

Citizen Discussions

Citizen Discussions 1

Home Front

Home Front 1

Home Front 2

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic 1

Strike in Town

Strike in Town 1

Strike in Town

1955, Director: Leslie McFarlane

      1 min 50 s


Questions 1. The excerpt shows a union representative defending strike action to a skeptical worker. Why does the speaker think a strike is necessary? Can you think of any arguments that Al, the other man at the coffee shop counter, might have made in response?

2. This is a scripted, acted film. What has it in common with fictional filmmaking? Do you think that this should be considered a documentary? Why or why not?

About This Film

Short Description

Staged against the background of a small one-industry town, this film shows the processes of collective bargaining common to Canadian industry and how they affect a union, a company and a community.

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