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The Back-breaking Leaf

The Back-breaking Leaf 1

Billy Crane Moves Away

Billy Crane Moves Away 1

Billy Crane Moves Away 2

Camera On Labour no. 4

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Citizen Discussions

Citizen Discussions 1

Home Front

Home Front 1

Home Front 2

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic

Newfoundland Sentinel of the Atlantic 1

Strike in Town

Strike in Town 1

Citizen Discussions

1967, Director: Colin Low

      1 min 2 s


Questions 1. This film is one of the Fogo Islands films by Colin Low. You should watch it in connection with Billy Crane Moves Away. You can find the story behind the films in the "About the Film" section for that film. Briefly, Low made a number of films that allowed the islanders to talk about their economic and social problems, then showed them to government officials. The officials changed some policies as a result. In this film, a government official confirms that they will support a fisher's cooperative on the Fogo Islands. Do you think that it is a good idea for documentary filmmakers to use their art for social change like this? Are there any dangers in it?

About This Film

Short Description

This film discusses efforts to obtain provincial support for the United Maritimes Fisheries Co-op to run the Seldom fish plant on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

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