Science, Environment and Health

Documentaries can uncover the hidden secrets of the natural world and reveal the beauty of our surroundings. They can also explore the environmental issues and show the human dimensions of medical science.


23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo 1

Beyond the Naked Eye

Beyond the Naked Eye 1

A Day in the National Parks

A Day in the National Parks 1

The Dikes

The Dikes 1

Emergence of a Dragonfly

Emergence of a Dragonfly 1

Octopus Hunt

Octopus Hunt 1

Out of Silence

Out of Silence 1

Reflections on Suffering

Reflections on Suffering 1

Reflections on Suffering 2

Rural Health

Rural Health 1

The Winds of Fogo

The Winds of Fogo 1

Beyond the Naked Eye

1973, Director: Claudia Overing

      1 min 21 s


Questions 1. Notice how both evolution and ecology are mentioned in the excerpt. Ecology was a fairly new concept to many people in the early 1970s. Much of the controversy about evolution had quieted by that time. Is evolution a more controversial topic today than it was then? Why?

2. How does the use of a woman narrator reflect the period of the 1970s? Why might it be an appropriate choice for a scientific documentary?

3. This film is one example of how technical developments in cinematography opened up new avenues for documentary. Compare it with Octopus Hunt, for example.

About This Film

Short Description

An amazing view of the living universe in a single drop of water. This is a view of creation, of birth, life and death, of the laws of nature that apply even to the smallest living thing.

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