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Documentaries can uncover the hidden secrets of the natural world and reveal the beauty of our surroundings. They can also explore the environmental issues and show the human dimensions of medical science.


23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo 1

Beyond the Naked Eye

Beyond the Naked Eye 1

A Day in the National Parks

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The Dikes

The Dikes 1

Emergence of a Dragonfly

Emergence of a Dragonfly 1

Octopus Hunt

Octopus Hunt 1

Out of Silence

Out of Silence 1

Reflections on Suffering

Reflections on Suffering 1

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Rural Health

Rural Health 1

The Winds of Fogo

The Winds of Fogo 1

Emergence of a Dragonfly

1960, Director: William H. Carrick, J.V. Durden

      1 min 24 s


Questions 1. This is documentation in the extreme: no sound or narration, just the progress of a butterfly getting its wings. It was created for the classroom, where a teacher could provide commentary. How would you describe what is going on in a narration?

2. Is it necessary for a documentary to express a point of view? If so, does this qualify as a documentary?

3. Imagine a soundtrack for the film. What music might create a mood? What would you choose, and how would it affect a viewer?

About This Film

Short Description

A clear, close-up view of the change from aquatic nymph to shimmering airborne adult dragonfly, presented by macro-photography with the time-lapse camera.

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