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23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo 1

Beyond the Naked Eye

Beyond the Naked Eye 1

A Day in the National Parks

A Day in the National Parks 1

The Dikes

The Dikes 1

Emergence of a Dragonfly

Emergence of a Dragonfly 1

Octopus Hunt

Octopus Hunt 1

Out of Silence

Out of Silence 1

Reflections on Suffering

Reflections on Suffering 1

Reflections on Suffering 2

Rural Health

Rural Health 1

The Winds of Fogo

The Winds of Fogo 1

Out of Silence

1971, Director: Léonard Forest

      1 min 41 s


Questions 1. In the excerpt we see teachers working with students in a classroom, then a school director explaining their philosophy to an audience. Why has the filmmaker edited these two sequences together like this?

2. There is a lot of controversy about the ways that deaf children are educated. Some deaf people say that they have their own culture and their own language, based on signing. They react against educating deaf children to fit into hearing society by depending on their hearing and use of oral speech. What side of the argument do you think this school takes? Does the excerpt suggest that the filmmaker might take one side or the other? How do you think profoundly deaf children should be taught?

About This Film

Short Description

The Montreal Oral School for the Deaf uses teaching methods that draw children out of the silent world and into the world of children who hear, speak and understand without impairment.

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