War and Peace

During the Second World War, NFB documentaries informed and inspired Canadians and audiences around the world. These documentaries offer a unique vantage point on the wartime experience at home and on the front.



Break-through 1

The Gates of Italy

The Gates of Italy 1

Heroes of the Atlantic

Heroes of the Atlantic 1

Inside Fighting Canada

Inside Fighting Canada 1

Proudly She Marches

Proudly She Marches 1

The War for Men's Minds

The War for Men's Minds 1


1944, Director: James Beveridge

      1 min 30 s


Questions 1. This film documents a turning point in the war: the landing at Normandy. It is different from the other NFB World War II documentaries in this collection because it reports a specific event, as a newsreel would. Do you notice differences in the way information is presented, compared to Inside Fighting Canada, for instance?

About This Film


Allied troops land on the Normandy coast and drive eastward to the gates of Germany. Opening scenes are of the D-Day landings and establishment of Canadian forces on the beachhead. Pictures of bitter street fighting and of pin-point bombing tell the story of Caen's capture and the advance towards Falaise. Made from footage filmed by units of the Canadian Army Overseas.
Running Time: 11 min 00 s

Producer James Beveridge

Editor James Beveridge

Voice and Narration Lorne Greene

Producers National Film Board of Canada

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