War and Peace

During the Second World War, NFB documentaries informed and inspired Canadians and audiences around the world. These documentaries offer a unique vantage point on the wartime experience at home and on the front.



Break-through 1

The Gates of Italy

The Gates of Italy 1

Heroes of the Atlantic

Heroes of the Atlantic 1

Inside Fighting Canada

Inside Fighting Canada 1

Proudly She Marches

Proudly She Marches 1

The War for Men's Minds

The War for Men's Minds 1

Heroes of the Atlantic

1941, Director: J.D. Davidson

      1 min 13 s


Questions 1. The seamen of the merchant navy that carried goods and armaments across the Atlantic during the Second World War were the unsung "heroes of the Atlantic" of the title. Many lost their lives to submarine attacks. This excerpt combines two messages: the caution of a nation at war and the welcome to merchant seamen. How does the documentary contrast the two themes?

2. Like most of the World War II documentaries, this one relies on narration. Do you think the technique used here of talking to the ship as though it were a person is effective?

About This Film

Short Description

The work of the Merchant Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy in the battle of the Atlantic. Minesweepers clear the shipping channels, planes keep watch, and convoys steam out to sea.

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