War and Peace

During the Second World War, NFB documentaries informed and inspired Canadians and audiences around the world. These documentaries offer a unique vantage point on the wartime experience at home and on the front.



Break-through 1

The Gates of Italy

The Gates of Italy 1

Heroes of the Atlantic

Heroes of the Atlantic 1

Inside Fighting Canada

Inside Fighting Canada 1

Proudly She Marches

Proudly She Marches 1

The War for Men's Minds

The War for Men's Minds 1

Inside Fighting Canada

1942, Director: Jane Marsh

      1 min 30 s


Questions 1. We have become familiar with the kind of aerial footage that this excerpt shows, but in 1942 it was still new to movie audiences. What effects might such footage have on the audience? How would it rally support behind the war effort?

About This Film

Short Description

With the outbreak of World War II, Canada was transformed into a fighting machine. Production of war materials multiplied, and the recruiting and training of fighting men were pushed to the maximum.

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