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Boy Meets Band

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Boy Meets Band

1961, Director: David Bennett

      1 min 12 s


Questions 1. This film is dated 1961, but it seems to belong to the 1950s more than the popular conception of the 1960s. What does it reveal about the social climate of the period? Can you identify any values that the characters have? What indications are there that this takes place in a fairly wealthy community?

2. This is a very carefully made documentary. Try to identify the individual shots. What is the camera doing in each one, and what does each contribute to the 'story' the excerpt tells?

3. The film is about a band. What does the music contribute to the excerpt?

About This Film

Short Description

The West Vancouver Boys' Band (there are girls in it, too), prizewinners at band festivals in Canada and Europe, rehearse for a local gala.

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