Science, Environment and Health

Documentaries can uncover the hidden secrets of the natural world and reveal the beauty of our surroundings. They can also explore the environmental issues and show the human dimensions of medical science.


23 Skidoo

23 Skidoo 1

Beyond the Naked Eye

Beyond the Naked Eye 1

A Day in the National Parks

A Day in the National Parks 1

The Dikes

The Dikes 1

Emergence of a Dragonfly

Emergence of a Dragonfly 1

Octopus Hunt

Octopus Hunt 1

Out of Silence

Out of Silence 1

Reflections on Suffering

Reflections on Suffering 1

Reflections on Suffering 2

Rural Health

Rural Health 1

The Winds of Fogo

The Winds of Fogo 1

23 Skidoo

1964, Director: Julian Biggs

      1 min 35 s


Questions 1. This excerpt captures some of the power of the full film. How does the filmmaker create a mood of haunting mystery? What specific shots do you find most interesting?

2. What evidence is there that people have been in the city environment lately? What evidence is there that something has gone wrong? Can you guess what it is? After you have puzzled over it, you may read about the film in the Critical Comments.

3. Why do you think this film is in the Science, Environment and Health section? Could it be in another, such as War and Peace?

About This Film

Short Description

Erase the people of downtown America, and the effect is bizarre and disturbing. This film shows the urban scene without a soul in sight, yet everywhere there is evidence of recent life and activity.

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