Lever une armée

Canucks in Training

The Film


Running Time
49 s

Topical Film Company

Canadians practice infantry assault. Canadians rehearsing, “Somewhere in England”, the form of attack they will soon be launching “Somewhere in France”.’ Long shot over tussocky grassland to extended line of troops walking away from camera towards ‘shell-bursts’ in the distance. Long shot of pyrotechnic ‘shell-bursts’. Men in the trenches fire rifles, Lewis guns, throw grenades. A line of men advance with fixed bayonets - they are beset with explosions (sufficient in reality to decimate them) and go to ground.


Canadian Troops Training for Trench Warfare at Shorncliffe, England, Sept 1917. Front Line Trenches Bombing Practice : Throwing from Pits A Soldier Preparing to Shoot at a WW1 Training Camp,Valcartier, Québec, 1914. Artillery Training Canadian Soldiers Fixing Their Bayonets Prior to a Charge on the Somme, [ca. 1918] Canadians in training. A Quick-firing Gun Section. Training to Jump with Bayonets, Witley 1918

Other Materials

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