How to Use this Site


The site is organized under five main headings, easily accessible from the navigation bar: Prologue, Building a Force, Wartime, Postwar Period and Epilogue. The subheadings for each group of films are indicated in parentheses below.


Each film is represented by a square on the navigation bar. To watch a film, click on the square. You can select the kind of player you want to use by clicking on My Preferences, just above the viewing window. The title, description, running time, year and producer of each film are given.

Contextual Elements

Background materials on the films in the Canadian Expeditionary Force collection are provided under different tabs: Pieces of History, Visuals and Other Materials.

Teaching Materials

Each film in the collection is accompanied by teaching notes directly related to the film's content that may be used in class without much preparation. They can be found under the Teaching Materials tab on the right-hand side of the viewing window.


You can do a keyword search of Films, Historians’ Essays, Visuals, Other Materials and Teaching Materials. To display a complete list of all films, historians’ essays, visuals, other materials or teaching materials, click on Display All.