Images of a Forgotten War

Discover this unique and rich collection of more than 120 archival films accompanied by photos, historical essays by noted Canadian experts and a range of teaching materials.


Essays, photos and paintings that explain how the project got started, how the Great War began and how images of the war were captured (movies, photographs, sketches, paintings), along with suggestions for research sources.

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Building a Force

Films shot between 1915 and 1917 that document the emergence of a Canadian military force, showing the mobilization of troops in Canada and their training in Europe.

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Films showing the Canadian Expeditionary Force throughout the battles, with footage shot between 1915 and 1918 of units assigned to support military objectives, troops engaged in battle, pilots and aircraft in action, and soldiers posted behind the front lines.

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Postwar Period

Footage of Canadian troops just after the armistice, in November and December 1918, and the return of soldiers to Canada in early 1919.

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Essays, photos and paintings relating to postwar Europe, the affirmation of Canada as an independent nation and what became of soldiers after the war.

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