Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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Visit of the Hon. J.R. Bennett, Minister of Militia of Newfoundland, to France, 1918

The Film


Running Time
07 min 40 s

Topical Film Company

Mr John Bennett’s visit to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in France, 22-26 June 1918.

(Reel 1) Bennett arrives at Boulogne on 22 June, met by Major H A Timewell and war correspondents H M Beeton and Frederick McKenzie. The next day, Bennett inspects the Royal Newfoundland Regiment at Ecuires, talking briefly to the temporary commanding officer, Major A E Bernard, and to the RSM. He decorates nine non-commissioned officers and men, following which the regiment marches past. On 24 June Bennett visits Arras Cathedral, which shows the results of heavy shelling, although there are grass and flowers growing in the rubble. (Reel 2) On the following day, Bennett inspects the regimental transport, including a field kitchen. The transport marches past as he watches. He talks to Sergeant-Major Sampson Distinguished Conduct Medal, who captured a German machinegun post single-handedly. Bennett watches a drill display at the training camp, inspects new recruits, and delivers a short speech, following which the recruits march past. On 26 June the ceremony of changing the guard takes place outside the regimental headquarters, complete with bugles and fixed bayonets. Remarks: the transport march past gives a very good idea of the amount of horsed transport needed for even one battalion, and the amount of road space that it occupied.


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